From some of the hottest places on earth to the coldest, and from some of the most densely populated places to the most remote – Team Simoco's equipment combines safety and reliability without compromising the technology for the utilities and natural resource markets such as oil and gas.

From ICCS in the Control Room to portables and mobiles in the field This breadth of expertise ensures that Team Simoco can supply equipment that allows fast response times and close voice and data intercommunication between all the Emergency Services throughout every demanding situation.

Team Simoco excels as a supplier of radio communications to all sectors of the Transportation Industry. From Formula 1 racing to Underground Rail, Team Simoco design reliable high-speed mobile communications integrating radio with telephony into innovative cost-effective solutions and applications – in both voice and data.

Team Simoco has been supplying the Military and Security sector throughout the world with communications systems for many years. These rugged systems have been designed for high-performance, high workload, mission critical situations and are currently in service with Security organisations throughout the world.